Monday, October 8, 2012

Social Circle Friendship Festival 2012

I finally have some time to sit down and post some pics from our booth at the craft fair.  I will be posting individual project pictures soon.  I promise to get it done before my upcoming second craft show this Saturday.
I did some Candy and Bubble Gum Sticks and let people have a choice of what tag they wanted on them.

 Wreaths other than Crayon Wreath are done by my friend Sarah.

 My Sister and Mother did some quilting and sewing projects
 My Sister did some hand felting and they were a hit!

 Jewelry by my friend AMber

 My first crayon wreath, I had heard these were big sellers so I did four and did not sell a one!  I did sell some crayon glass containers.

 My snowmen hershey bars were not a big hit either, I think people are not thinking about Christmas yet.  I did get a order for some for some school room teachers to give the students!
 I loved this cup, it was the only one I did and should have done some more.
My favorite Scarecrow!  The Better Home Town Director, he did a wonderful job along with his wife and helps for this festival!  Thank you Social Circle, Georgia for a fun day, looking forward to next year!

I have close ups of all the projects before I packed them so I will get them posted soon.

Also, thanks to Sarah for helping me get my stuff all set up and putting up with my commands!

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